One of the best!

I have read several "HowTo" books and found this one to be one of the best as far as a guide to free yourself of mental and physical toxins and how to allow yourself to live a better life overall. For any searching for guidance I would recommend it fully. 

-To The Author- You included many links to assist those who want to know more about the different topics you discussed. You did a great job in putting this together in an intelligent, easy to follow format.
- Wanda 

A Must read!

This is a book I would recommend to anyone and everyone because it cuts across all barriers. It discusses a wide range of topics, how to identify them and how to manage them properly whilst being kind to yourself. In this book, not only is the solution discussed but the root of the issue is also. Why you act the way you do sometimes and make some specific decisions. It has solid, practical advices that won’t overwhelm the reader.

I really enjoyed the book because it is very insightful and it really just focuses on how to help and bring out the best you in a non-condescending manner that I really appreciate. It is a must read for all. 


Extremely helpful!

I must say that there isn’t a word wasted in this book! Everything this book presents is very valuable. Some things I already knew, but here they were phrased in such a way that actually made an impact. There are so many guidelines to behavioural change that will make a difference! I finally found some good tips for when it’s hard to fall asleep and the breathing exercises are very powerful. I started doing them and I found myself having a clearer mind after I finished doing them.

The thing I loved the most is that it gives a lot of guidelines on how to take back control of your life. Very valuable book! I highly recommend it!


Worth every penny! 

I am very glad I came across this book. I have been going through a lot lately and this book really helped me see things in a much more positive mindset.
I will definitely recommend it to anyone that feels like they need a bit of a boost in their life.
- Alex

It's great!

I really enjoyed this book and I would honestly recommend it to friends and family.
- John