Life in the Fast Lane

Life in the Fast Lane



Taking charge of your health is not as easy as just buying this book. However, this book will provide you with necessary information to take that first step. Changing your lifestyle will take time, resilience, and mental strength.

Taking your health seriously is the first step, confessing to yourself that you need to change. There is always something we can alter now to benefit our future.

Learn all there is to know about intermittent fasting and keto, as well as the complexity of your body’s ability to gain or lose weight and what that entails. Meaning, all your questions about weight will be answered; why do we gain weight, what influences it, how to stay motivated and transition into a healthier lifestyle? In addition, this covers the dangers of obesity and how it affects your body in ways you wouldn’t consider.

Set yourself up for success by ignoring outdated get-thin-quick schemes and changing your perspective on health and the importance of self-love. In other words, learn to love yourself as you are and not as you think you should be.

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